Ashbank Financial
Canada’s Largest Locator of Unclaimed Funds for Corporations and International Clients

How It Works

  1. We contact you. That means we have found money that probably belongs to you.
  2. You contact us back, to indicate that you’re interested.
  3. We send you our authorization memo that enables us to help you get the money, and in which you agree to pay us our fee after you have the money. But you pay us nothing up front, and nothing to us if you don’t get any money.
  4. You sign it and send it back.
  5. We reveal details of the money, including the amount, and where it is.
  6. We also send you the application form, and details of any supporting documents you’ll need to make the claim.
  7. You send us those documents, and we submit the claim for you.
  8. The holder of the unclaimed money will either send us a letter indicating further requirements, reasons for rejection, or they’ll send you the money direct.
  9. When you have the money, we’ll send you a bill for our percentage.
  10. All along, if you have any questions or concerns, just call us. We’ll be glad to help.

Don’t put off authorizing us to help you claim your money. Don’t let it get forfeited.

Please Note:

We do not do searches for the public on request.We conduct our own searches, and we only contact people or companies to whom there is money owing that we found. Therefore if we have not contacted you first, please do not request a search. Sorry.