Ashbank Financial
Canada’s Largest Locator of Unclaimed Funds for Corporations and International Clients

About Us

We at Ashbank Financial Services are unclaimed asset locators. We hunt for and find intangible property, mostly money, that has been unclaimed or abandoned by its rightful owner. We then seek, trace and hopefully find the rightful owner, and offer to help reunite them with their money. We’re a private service, and therefore charge a fee. It is a contingency fee which means that we only charge if you get money.

Ashbank is the largest Canadian locator service for corporate and international unclaimed Canadian assets. We do also provide service to some individuals, usually very hard-to-find persons, and we also provide service to heirs. This could involve extensive research into next of kin, marriages and divorces, children, in-laws, changed locations, membership in associations, churches, etc.


Research Dept.

  • Locators of funds;
  • Locators of the rightful owners of those funds;

New Account Reps

  • Contact and communicate with prospective clients;
  • obtain authorizations;

Account Administrators

  • provide individualized custom assistance to clients in getting claims completed; submitted; and approved
  • Monitor progress
  • Follow up to obtain additional documentation or other necessary evidence to have claims paid.
  • Assist in pleading case and reasons for funds to be released to client,  before the holder, if necessary. Appear in person if necessary, if client authorizes same, to endeavor to have submissions accepted.


  • Calculating fee, submitting invoice
  • Handling payment of accounts receivable; providing receipts
  • Bookkeeping.

Customer Service

  • Keep clients up to date on progress
  • Answer questions,
  • Take appropriate action in response to client’s input.


Our company is in compliance with all applicable Ontario laws and regulations.

We also adhere to the Codes of Practice and Policies of the professional associations to which we belong, which are in England and the U.S.A.


Apart from the institutions or established corporate entities that we contact to find and claim your money, we keep your information confidential. It’s nobody’s business that you are getting money.

You can take comfort in the assurance that we will protect your privacy and confidentiality.

As part of the confidentiality that we provide for you, Ashbank does not report the money you get to the IRS, the CRA, Inland Revenue, or any other government tax department.  You should speak to your own tax adviser as to how to treat the money you get.


We find unclaimed money belonging to charitable organizations, foundations, and other non-profit associations. We assist them in recovering the unclaimed money to which they are entitled, pro bono, free of charge. We provide this service Free of Charge as a community service.

The latest group we helped pro bono was the Children’s Starlight Foundation.