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14 Reasons Why

14 Reasons Why You Should Use Us To Help You Get Your Money

  1. The money is probably in an account that will be very hard, almost impossible to find.
  2. It was left unclaimed for a very long time—many years. So in a sense, it’s “found” money. Why not let us help you get it without delay. If you think you’ll do it yourself, you may not succeed, you’ll get frustrated, put if off more, and many more years could pass by.
  3. We are professionals in this business. If we contact you, we’ve already found your money. You’ll get the money much faster. We also are familiar with satisfying the requirements of getting your money released to you. You might find the process long, frustrating, and bogged down in bureaucratic red tape. It will certainly cost you dearly in time, manpower and expense. We are more cost effective for you. You might even fail to get the money released to you. You stand a much better chance of succeeding by using us.
  4. You pay us nothing up front. If you don’t get any money you don’t pay us or owe us any money.
  5. You don’t give us any credit card information.
  6. You get the money. It is sent directly to you. We don’t get the money, the way that most other asset locators take the money direct.*
  7. We don’t bring a lawyer into the transaction, whose fees and disbursements are paid off the top, the way that many other asset locators do every time. So that saves you money. You end up with more money. Of course, if you decide to involve your own lawyer, you are free to do so at your own expense. In complex cases, it may well be advisable to do so. We will work with them to help them get the job done.
  8. Only when you’ve received the money and it has cleared your bank, we will send you our bill for services rendered. We operate on the honor system.
  9. We don’t ask you to send us our fee until your money has cleared your bank and is safely in your account. Besides, when you see the institutional or established national corporation that sends you the money, you will know it’s real. Yes, you can contact them to verify it.
  10. Our fee is a percentage of the funds you receive. So if you receive less than anticipated, our fee will be less.
  11. If you do not go for that money promptly, you run the risk that the government will treat it as abandoned, and it will be forfeited to them. Governments are in the process of implementing laws enabling them to seize unclaimed funds after a certain time has lapsed. So if we contact you, it is in your best interest to respond, and to use our services.
  12. We will gladly discuss the recovery process with your attorney or advisor, once we have your signed authorization and your permission to do so. Also we’ll be happy to discuss this with any family member or friend of yours if you give us permission to do so.
  13. We are members of a British heir hunter professional association and an American asset locator association. We adhere to the codes of conduct of both of these organizations, or we wouldn’t be members. We follow the rules of professional ethics in our business practices.
  14. We do charitable work for free. We spend time and resources hunting for unclaimed money belonging to charities and other not-for-profit organizations. We help them recover their missing money and we do it for free. We want to be good corporate citizens giving back to the community. Part of the fee you pay us if we successfully reunite you with your unclaimed money, enables us to continue our charitable work.

SOME CONDITIONS MAY APPLY, depending on individual circumstances.

We also may designate, at our expense, a reputable escrow agent or agency to receive the payout, pay us our agreed fee, and pay the agreed balance to you. It must be a reputable escrow or title company, bank, trust company or other established fiduciary facility, or law firm of licensed lawyers.

We may mutually agree to vary terms and conditions, provided that both of us sign agreeing to do so.

ALL TERMS APPLICABLE will be spelled out in advance in our Conditional Contingency Agreement that you have the option of approving, before you sign it. You have everything disclosed to you up front. You then have the option of proceeding or walking away, with no obligation.